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Writing a supporting statement can be tough

Unlike answering a series of application questions, in a supporting statement you have to outline both your motivation and suitability for the role in one document, often with a strict word limit. With such a broad remit, people often struggle to know what to include, how to order it and how much detail to give. The result? Their statement is generic and underwhelming.

However, if you don't give your supporting statement the attention it deserves you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

The good news is, it doesn't need to be like this. My Supporting Statement Review and Consultation Services will help you create a stand-out supporting statement that will give you the best possible chance of getting an interview.

Optimised structure
Tailored to the job
Edited & proofread
There's no need for you to struggle!
I can help you perfect your supporting statement, through following a proven approach that gives you the clarity and confidence to master this tricky part of the job application process.
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service options

Choose the option that suits your needs

I offer two options for my supporting statement review service. Choose the Review option to get my expert feedback on how to improve your statement. If you need more hands-on help and advice, my Consultation option is for you. 
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In-depth feedback which will focus on how well your statement addresses the person specification
Advice on what examples to include, how to optimise your structure and write persuasively
Highlight typos and errors
from £59


You send me examples for each competency and I create a first draft
This is followed by multiple feedback cycles to make sure your experience and skills are captured perfectly
The result? An original and impactful statement tailored to the role
Fully-edited and proofread
A statement that's ready to submit
from £149
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My Review option is best for people who are happy to write their supporting statement on their own but want my feedback on how it can be improved. As it only includes one round of feedback and no hands-on proofreading/editing, the Review option is my basic service. My Consultation option is for people who need more practical help with writing a supporting statement, and who want to develop the skills and knowledge to write effective supporting statements for job applications in the future.
I strongly believe in equipping my clients with the skills to meet any career challenges they might face. For that reason neither the Review or Consultation options involve me writing your supporting statement for you from scratch. Instead, think of this as a collaborative process where we write your statement together. I provide you with in-depth feedback and suggestions which allow you to write an authentic and effective statement. The Consultation option will give you much more detailed guidance, and also includes final proofreading and editing to ensure your statement is ready to submit.
Get in touch with me to let me know what job you are applying for and whether you would like a supporting statement Review or Consultation. After confirming your choice with me and sending payment, you will then need to email me the supporting statement you have written (as a Microsoft Word document or similar), along with the Job Description and/or Person Specification for the role you're applying for.
With the Review option, I will undertake an assessment of your statement, providing you with detailed feedback and suggestions on how to improve its structure and content. I will then return this document, so you can then make the suggested changes.
With the Consultation option you can send your revised statement to me for a second round of feedback. This ensures that you have understood and implemented my suggestions, and gives me the opportunity to provide further advice on things like the examples you have used and how well structured they are. After making any changes following this second round of feedback, you then return your document to me one final time, so it can be thoroughly proofread and edited. At the end of this process you will have a document that is ready to submit with the rest of your application.  
A Review is returned to you within 3 working days of you sending it to me and payment being made. If you require a faster turnaround this can be arranged for an additional fee. You should allow up to 5 days for a Consultation, as this comprehensive option includes up to 3 rounds of feedback, proofreading and editing.
Payment can be made either via Bank Transfer or PayPal. I will provide you with payment details after you confirm which service you require.

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