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Learn how to craft a supporting statement that shows off what you've got to offer.

what's included

  • Objective feedback on the content, structure and impact of your supporting or personal statement
  • Advice on how to make it more persuasive and tailored for the role you're applying for
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A supporting statement review can set you on the path to success

Writing a supporting or personal statement for a job can be tough. Unlike answering a series of application questions, you have to outline both your motivation and suitability for the role in one document, often with a strict word limit. With such a broad remit, people often struggle to know what to include, how to order it and how much detail to give. The result? Their statement is generic and underwhelming.
Whether you’re applying for a job or a course, just send me a copy of your statement and I’ll give you feedback on its structure, content and style, allowing you to showcase everything you have to offer and land that interview.

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