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what's included

  • Targeted feedback on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out
  • Tips to improve all aspects of your LinkedIn profile
  • Advice on how to use LinkedIn to grow your network and build your personal brand
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Are you worried your LinkedIn profile isn't doing you justice?

You might be right – most LinkedIn profiles are either incredibly generic, or lacking the detail needed to convince an employer to send that interview invite. Not only does this mean your profile will be harder for a recruiter or hiring manager to find, it will also lack the impact required to make a strong first impression.
Your LinkedIn profile is a GREAT opportunity for you to build networks and visibility that can help you get where you want to be in your career. Don't waste it!

Who could benefit from my LinkedIn review service?

I've helped out 100s of clients by reviewing their LinkedIn profile (and I've seen plenty of other profiles in my network that could do with some...tweaking!). This has shown me that there are so many people that could benefit from an impartial and experienced perspective on how they are presenting themselves on the premier professional networking platform.
People who've never used LinkedIn before
Final year students thinking about applying for graduate employment
People wanting to contact employers or apply for jobs on LinkedIn
Employees looking to build their network
Anyone wanting to build their professional 'brand'

My LinkedIn profile review will help you:

Select the perfect profile photo that captures your personality but is still professional
Write a compelling introduction that highlights the type of opportunities you are looking for
Get recommendations and endorsements from people in your field to boost your profile in the right areas 
Learn how to showcase your successes and impact by adding projects, slideshows and achievements 
Get the confidence you need to reach out to others so you can build authentic and effective networks
Understand how to develop your LinkedIn profile as you gain more experience and connections

How it works

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